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Friday, February 22, 2013

New Weight Loss Dietary Supplements

My husband has been dieting for the past 3 months and so far, he has dropped 25 lbs. With that said, he has hit a plateau and has been steady at his current weight for the past 2 1/2 weeks. How has he done it so far? Well, he has been eating healthy, portion control and exercising. We are really proud of his progress so far.

Well, a few days ago he was at work and one of his work mates was telling him about this new weight loss dietary supplement called Red Cell Press. Have any of you heard of it? We had never heard of it, so we got online to research some information on it.

This dietary supplement contains cellulose, natural gums, chromium and Benzocaine (helps to numb tummy pangs) and when the supplement is taken with 16 oz. of water, it helps to fill you up and decreases your hunger. The usual dosage for this supplement is one to two capsules, one hour before each meal.

My husband's co-worker was telling him that he has been taking this dietary supplement for 3 months and so far, it has really helped him to achieve his own weight loss goals. Matter of fact, Tom told my hubby that he has successfully lost 38 lbs in 5 months while using it. Wow, that is pretty good if I say so myself!

So today, we would love to know if any of our foodie blog readers have tried this supplement and if so, what have been your results with it? Has it helped or not helped? Please share your experience below in our blog's comment form. Thanks!