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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Plumbing Experts at Rotorooter

How many of you have experienced plumbing problems with your kitchen sinks and/or garbage disposals? Well, we have been having all kinds of issues with the plumbing in our home and had to obtain more information from Rotorooter about their professional services.

Let me explain. We purchased a home that was built in the late 1960's and the previous home owners never updated anything in the house, including the plumbing! For the past 9 months, my husband has been remodeling the house, room by room...but he hasn't gotten to the kitchen just yet.

Well, for the past 7 weeks, we have had problem after problem with the plumbing in our kitchen! First, the sink drain totally clogged up. It took my husband 4 hours to get it unclogged and running again. Next, our garbage disposal clogged up and that needed fixed. A few days after that, the pipe underneath our kitchen sink busted and we had water all over the place for several hours. While my husband is pretty handy, he is no expert with these types of problems. He fixed them the best he could, but the job wasn't perfect.

Anyway, on Sunday we had several family members over to our home for a little Birthday party for my mother-in-law and guess what? The pipe underneath our kitchen sink busted again and water went all over my new hardwood kitchen floor! Oh my gosh, no...not again!!!

Well, I decided I had finally had enough of these problems and contacted the plumbing professionals to come out and take care of them. I was really surprised that they offered emergency and weekend service, and I was equally surprised at how affordable they were. They came out right away and within two hours...my problem was fixed! Yeah! I don't know why I didn't call them in the first place, as I could of saved myself a big headache!

I am really happy that these problems are now professionally fixed because we have a big dinner party planned for this weekend and we are expecting 11 hungry guests! I am really excited to show off our new home to the guests when they arrive. We will be serving a full 4 course meal to them along with 3 delicious desserts.

Have any of you ever had plumbing problems like this with your older homes? If so, I would love to hear about them, so please feel free to leave your comments here on my blog. Thanks!

* This is a partnered post however, all the points and views are my own.