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Monday, March 25, 2013

Fruits and Vegetables that are Great for Freezing

Image Courtesy: FreeImages.com
When you want to get into preserving food, you might be considering freezing. Some people choose freezing because it is said to preserve nutrients and freshness; others prefer freezing because it seems less complicated than canning. But you might be wondering what foods freeze well. Can you freeze fresh fruits and vegetables? Are there some foods that get ruined by freezing?

Here are some suggestions as to what foods are good for freezing.


Did you know you can freeze tomatoes? You can! Here are some tips on freezing these fruits.

* Freeze them whole, unpeeled. Just core the tomatoes and freeze them whole on a cookie sheet. When they are frozen, put them in a zip top plastic freezer bag. When you thaw them to use them, the skin will slide off easily. You can also peel them first if you prefer.

* Cook them first. Cut washed tomatoes into quarters (cutting out the core if necessary), simmer them in their own juice in a covered saucepan until they are soft (just a few minutes), and allow to cool. Then you can freeze them in freezer-safe jars or zip top freezer bags.


Cabbage freezes well, which surprises some people. Simply cut cabbage in wedges or shred it, and freeze in zip top bags. Draw the air out of the bags by leaving a half inch or so unzipped, inserting a straw, sucking the air out and quickly sealing the final half inch. Frozen cabbage when thawed makes for great coleslaw or freezer slaw and you can find recipes for both here on my foodie blog.

Bell Peppers

When handling peppers, you want to protect your skin and eyes as the pepper oil can burn. I like to wear gloves and plastic eyeglasses when handling peppers. Slice or dice washed bell peppers, removing the seeds and stem. Place the cut peppers on a wax paper-covered cookie sheet and freeze. Once frozen, you can put them in a zip top bag or in a freezer storage container.

Green Beans

Washed green beans freeze very well. Snap or cut off the ends, cut to desired length or leave whole, and blanch them for 3 minutes in boiling water. Plunge them into ice water to end cooking, drain, and freeze in plastic bags or freezer storage containers.


You can freeze fresh apples and the best way to prevent them from browning is to place washed apple slices in a freezer-safe, 2-cup glass jar, and then pour in 1/3 to 1/2 cup of filtered or purified water over the slices to fill in the space between the slices. Leave an inch of space at the top for the water to expand when freezing. Sprinkling a little fresh lemon juice into the purified water and then pouring it over the apples will also help to keep them from turning brown.

All Kinds of Berries

You can freeze raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, mulberries, etc. by placing washed fruit on a wax paper-covered cookie sheet. When frozen, you can put them in zip top freezer bags or in freezer storage containers. I like to freeze mine in 2 cup sized batches.


Wash and slice peaches and freeze them the same way as berries - on a wax paper-covered cookie sheet, then gently toss them into a plastic freezer bag or freezer container. You don't need to peel them first.

There are many fruits and vegetables that freeze well and preserving your garden harvest for your family is one way to ensure that your family has a great supply of nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits all year long.

You can freeze in zipper top freezer bags, freezer-safe plastic storage containers and even in clean glass jars. Whenever possible, it is important to remove as much air that you can from your preferred storage bag/container to help prevent freezer burn. You should ALWAYS label your bags/containers with the name of the contents and with the date that you prepared them. Happy Freezing!