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Monday, April 1, 2013

Shopping Around for Some New Kitchen Ideas

My husband and I moved into our new home back in early January of this year and one of the areas we absolutely hate in our new home is our kitchen! The kitchen is medium sized, but is sorely lacking on cabinet space and the lighting is dreadful.

I was looking around online earlier today for some new kitchen ideas and stumbled upon a kitchens showrooms in Sydney and I immediately fell in-low with their ideas! Their ideas are modern looking, fresh, sleek and ultra-cool if you ask me!

I spent quite some time looking through their online portfolio and I really wish they were located over here in the states. In their portfolio they featured a square-shaped kitchen with an island and I had though that I couldn't put an island in....since our kitchen is also that shape. Now that I saw that, I want a new kitchen island with either a granite or marble countertop on the top.

Another thing I spotted in their kitchen designs is the use of pendant lighting in a kitchen. I have been admiring some beautiful pendant lighting over at the home improvement store and now I think I would like to add it to our kitchen, perhaps above the new island that I want to get. I love the look of colored glass pendant lighting (Tiffany-style) and perhaps I will go with that.

Hubby put in some new kitchen cabinetry for us last Fall and the cabinets we chose are beautiful...not going to change those at all. However, the lighting is still an issue in our kitchen and I spotted in their portfolio some under-the-cabinet lighting that I would love to get.

I love browsing through these types of web sites as they always give me great ideas for our own home. I like to bookmark those sites and I make notes in my notebook, so that when I am out shopping, I can find those same or similar ideas.

I will let you all know next month how our project is coming along as hubby just started it this past weekend. Enjoy your week!