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Sunday, May 5, 2013

6 Great Tips When Using Fresh Lemons and Limes

I love to visit our local Farmer's Market during the summertime and purchase big crates full of fresh lemons and limes. Citrus fruit is healthy for you and makes for a great recipe ingredient in many of the items you cook, grill and bake...everyday!

Here are 6 Great Tips When Using Fresh Lemons and Limes in your recipes.

* Lemon and lime zest and juice can be used interchangeably in the majority of recipes that call for that ingredient.

* Roll your lemons and limes on a cutting board or countertop a few times to before slicing. This will help you get the most juice out of the fruit. This tip is used when the recipe calls for fresh lemon or lime juice and for when you are squeezing your fruits to obtain the juice.

* When juicing fresh lemons and limes, you want to juice them at room temperature which yields more fresh juice than refrigerated fruits.

* Once your fruit has been sliced, you will want to store your fruit in the refrigerator. You can store fresh lemon and lime juice in a container in your refrigerator for up to one week.

* When shopping for citrus fruits, look for unblemished fruits with beautiful looking skins. It is best to "pass up" any damaged fruits sitting at the Farmer's Market or Grocery Store.

* Do not store fruits in a bag or sitting in a bowl on top of one another. The weight from the other fruits can bruise or damage the fruits underneath them. Avoid storing them in extreme heat, moisture or in direct sunlight once they have been picked from a tree.

When it comes to using fresh lemons and limes, what are some of your favorite tips? Got any to share with us? If so, leave them in my comment form below! Thanks!