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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ordering Live Lobster Delivery

How many of you love seafood and if you love seafood...which type is your favorite to enjoy? Here in my household we enjoy eating seafood about twice a week and usually enjoy shrimp or lobster. With that said, our local grocery stores have a terrible selection of seafood so we go for live lobster delivery from online stores.

One of our favorite ways to enjoy this special shell fish is by baking it in the oven with a lot of seasoning and butter. We also like to boil them and sometimes steam them in some Old Bay when we want something with a little spicier kick to it. Just last week my husband threw one on the barbecue grill and it was equally delicious!

You can find online seafood retailers here in the United States or if you live up north you can order live lobster Canada to have fresh lobsters delivered to your own home, restaurant or place of business. I just love shopping online as I really hate driving to local stores which don't carry a nice selection at all.

In October I am planning a big 50th Birthday party for my husband and I am thinking about doing a Turf & Surf all-you-can-eat buffet party for that. We will be expecting about 30 guests for the party and I know most of them would enjoy a great tasty meal like that. Of course...an open bar will be provided too!

So lets hear it!!! How many of you love seafood and for those who do...what kind is your favorite? What is your favorite way to prepare it? How often do you like to enjoy it?

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