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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Benefits of Having Extra Commercial Cooking Equipment Parts on Hand

If you are running a food business, you have to be able to offer as many different dishes as possible. While having the ability to serve sandwiches is nice, your customers may want a steak, barbecue chicken or a juicy burger instead. You have to be able to make hot meals that can be served in a reasonable amount of time.

To speed up the cooking process, you can use machines that will deep fry french fries and onion rings in a matter of seconds. Dozens of burgers can be put on a large frying pan and made at the same time to serve your hungry customers in a matter of minutes. After all, when you are hungry you want your food NOW!

Having a lot of commercial cooking equipment parts on hand helps if any of your machines breaks down. It isn't professional or an example of good customer service to tell a patron that he or she cannot have the special steak or that a child cannot have macaroni and cheese because something has broken down.

Repairs will have to be made at some point on all of your machines. It is easier to have the parts on hand to make the repairs instead of having to order them after your machine has broken. Time is money and you are losing money if you have to wait to order parts and to receive them.

It makes practical business sense to always have extra parts on hand. When a breakdown occurs you will be able to fix your machines in a matter of minutes or hours...as compared to waiting for weeks.

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