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Friday, November 8, 2013

Veggie Burgers - Perfect for Your Next Family Barbecue

Vegetarian meat replacement products can be a delicious, nutritious and easy-to-prepare meal idea for vegetarian families and others looking to stay healthy. One of the most recognizable veggie meat items is the veggie burger.

Packed with protein and heart-healthy unsaturated fats, vegetarian choices like the ultimate beefless burger from gardein.com provide a solid and filling meal alternative to people who choose not to eat meat.

These vegetarian meat products are a far cry from older types. Now, you can experience delicious, moist flavor and a fantastic texture with every bite. Some of the best quality beefless burgers have over 15 grams of protein per patty, and are filled with wholesome and organic ingredients like:

* Organic ancient grain flour
* Textured wheat protein
* Vital wheat gluten
* Natural sea salt

This type of beefless meat can be used in a variety of recipes, not just for burgers. Some home favorites include tacos, spaghetti and even enchiladas. Anything you can do with beef can be done vegetarian with a beefless burger mix. It will even have less fat and calories than a traditional meat meal!

With a bounty of advantages, all vegetarians should give a high-quality beefless mix a try. There's no reason to live without your favorite foods anymore, and even the most complicated recipes are within reach. You can even enjoy some delicious veggie burgers at the next family barbecue, and no one may know the difference.