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Monday, March 24, 2014

5 Fish That Look Great On A Plate

Time to branch out from salmon! If you're looking for something new to serve at your next dinner party, here are five fish that are sure to impress even the most sea-hardened guests.

1: Red Trout

Whether it's baked, fried or filleted, trout is one of the great staples of seafood. Red trout has a slightly different flavor than its cousins, however, tasting a bit stronger and crisper. Every mouthful will deliver a crunch.

2: Striped Sea Bass

High fat deposits mean that striped sea bass stays soft and juicy no matter how long you cook it. If you're looking for a fish that practically melts in your mouth, this is it!

3: Baby Sole

One of the softest, most tender fish known to man, baby sole is often mistaken for other meats because it doesn't have the texture of something that came out of the sea. Adding to its variety, it can be cooked in dozens of ways.

4: Red Mullets

Best cooked as a whole fish, red mullets have a very distinct flavor due to a diet of mollusks and crustaceans. You wouldn't expect their small bodies to pack such a powerful punch!

5: Tai Snapper

Coming straight from the heart of New Zealand, tai snapper is a delicacy down under and a great dish anywhere. Fry them with veggies; slice them open for spicing; grill them over a fire for smokey notes.

These are just five fish that are worth their weight in delivery. There are many more, but why save the best for last? Go ahead and enjoy them now.