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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Gourmet Coffee Recipes You Can Make at Home

Freshly made gourmet coffee is something hubby and I just can't live without. At any given time you will find a minimum of 3 different coffee or espresso makers in our home and every day...we use at least one of them. We save a boat load of money every year by making our own gourmet coffee beverages at home instead of buying them at a fancy coffee shop where they are over-priced.

The great folks over at KRUPS sent over some gourmet coffee recipes for me to share with all of my foodie blog readers. While we haven't tried them ourselves, we definitely will be. I hope you all enjoy them because they look absolutely delicious! Thanks KRUPS!


3 oz cold water
1 TBSP simple syrup
A few leaves of mint
2 oz lite coconut milk

PREPARATION: Infuse the coconut milk with mint and mix in sugar. Depending upon the coconut milk, you might need to dilute with a little water to get it to a creamy texture. Pull espresso into a glass. Add cold water, then ice, some will melt as it cools the espresso, diluting the drink more. Pour the sweetened, mint-infused coconut milk on top.

One large scoop of your favorite ice cream

PREPARTION: The basic concept is pretty simple, espresso + vanilla ice cream, but there are a million ways to make it more exciting. Add chocolate ganache or caramel. Try different ice cream flavors, or even sorbets or sherbets. Add nuts or other toppings. An affogato can be the perfect dessert.

As the only manual espresso machine on the market with an automatic tamping system, the KRUPS Precise Tamp Espresso Machine is the perfect machine to help create flavorful summer beverages.To guarantee a perfect cup every time, this machine takes care of the tricky task of tamping the ground beans. Just insert the port filter under the tamping hand and tiny teeth on the tamping hand help the machine determine the precise pressure needed for the perfect espresso.

Disclosure: Recipes and photos are courtesy of KRUPS. Both recipes were made using the product listed at the bottom of the post. Please see KRUPS for additional information. Information is being shared with my foodie blog readers as a courtesy ONLY.