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Monday, May 26, 2014

Make Your Own Soda Pop at Home with Sodastream

For the past few years my husband and I have seen all kinds of commercials, infomercials and advertising for the Sodastream. I am sure all of you have seen them too and have wondered to yourselves does the beverages that the Sodastream make taste just as good as store bought? Yeah, we wondered the same thing too!

Recently we were given the chance to review the Sodastream along with several bottles of the beverages. We got a really nice variety in our review pack ranging from cola, lemonades, V8 Juice, grapefruit juice, Kool-aid and more! 

When you use the Sodastream you save a lot of time and money. Gone are the days of lugging heavy soda pop bottles home from the grocery store. Gone are those days where you were paying $2.00 for a 2 liter bottle of soda pop!

Your beverage of choice is ready in a matter of seconds with absolutely no clean-up! The unit doesn't need electricity to run so it is totally portable, great for those who go camping, RV'ing or just doing some traveling. Furthermore, there are no empty bottles or cans to throw away or to toss into the recycling bin. This is a lot more earth-friendly compared to the conventional way of obtaining soft drinks!

One of the things I am really impressed with is the wide variety of flavors and beverages that you can make. Seriously, almost everything that grocery store sells...you can find in the Sodastream line-up! There are beverage choices for adults, teen and even the little kids can find juices and Kool-aid that they will love too! 
You can click on this photo to enlarge it
How easy is it to use? Well, I am going to tell you! You hook up the light-weight carbonation bottle, fill the empty 1 liter bottle (included with the Sodastream machine) with water to the indicated fill line. Place the bottle into the machine and lock it into place. You then simply push the lever at the top of the machine to release the carbonation into the water bottle. You control the amount of carbonation that you like! 

Now...my husband likes his sodas and beverages with a lot of carbonation so we typically pressed the lever 3 times when making beverages for him to enjoy. I like mine with a lot less and found that 1-2 presses was sufficient for me. The indicator light will light up green to let you know when to do it and when you are done.

Finally, pick your beverage of choice and on each package it will tell you how much of the mixture you need to add. In the case of making the cola...we just had to add one capful of cola syrup. Place the cap onto the bottle and you are done! Yes...it really is that easy!!! 

We have owned our Sodastream for about 10 days now and have used it repeatedly! We have made Cola, Country Time Pink Lemonade, Gingerale, V8 Juice and Diet Grapefruit Juice. All of them were delicious and were so easy to make at home!!! 

Right now you can save $20.00 on any Sodastream Home Soda Maker by downloading the offer directly from their web site. This is a limited time only offer, so get on over there today to grab the information while you are here. In addition, they have a coupon code right on their web site where you can get free shipping with a $50.00 purchase! Wow...great deals! 

Thank you Sodastream for sending us the unit and beverages to review. We are huge fans of your products and are looking forward to trying out the additional flavors as time goes on. You can find Sodastream on Facebook too!

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