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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Gelato is the Perfect Treat at a Party

Gelato is becoming more popular with parents who want to give their kids a healthy alternative to ice cream. Gelato has less butterfat than ice cream, while still maintaining an appealing taste. Lots of parents serve gelato at kids' parties and other celebratory occasions. Consider some of the most popular occasions for serving gelato.

A Kid's Birthday Party

Instead of serving the usual cake and ice cream, some parents choose to substitute gelato for ice cream. They can choose from a number of different flavors that are sure to please all of their little guests as well as their birthday boy or girl. Also, there are many types of gelato available to complement the taste of a delicious birthday cake. Parents can purchase a couple of containers of gelato and save any leftovers for a midnight snack!

A Kid's Pool Party

In the summertime, many kids who have a swimming pool at their home like to invite their friends over for a pool party. After an afternoon of swimming and playing games in the water, the kids will want something that is delicious and cool. A serving of gelato is a perfect sweet treat! Kids can choose from their favorite flavors and enjoy their dessert as they dry off beside the pool.

A Kindergarten Graduation Celebration

Today, there are many kindergarten classes that have an informal graduation at the end of the year. Gelato is an ideal treat for parents hosting an after party for the kids. It is a refreshing treat during the warm weather and kids can enjoy it in a cone or cup. The new graduates are sure to enjoy a tasty serving of gelato after a long school year. A parent who owns a gelato shop can contribute to the celebrations by checking with his or her frozen yogurt suppliers for some extra cups and spoons.

A Fourth of July Celebration

Finally, all fourth of July celebrations should include kids in the festivities. A supply of gelato is perfect to serve to a bunch of kids who have been running around and playing all afternoon. Parents may even want to get some red, white and blue gelato to add to the patriotic tone of the celebration. Kids can carry cups of gelato around as they enjoy the fireworks and the other sights and smells of this patriotic party