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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

MINTA Naturally Flavored Sodas

Although soda has developed a bad rap, sometimes that sweet rush of cool, refreshing goodness just hits the spot.

Thankfully, MINTA has taken all of the best parts of fizzy favorites and none of the bad to create a new line of naturally flavored mint soda. Inspired by the popular European spritzer of sparkling water mixed with mint syrup, MINTA developed three Made-In-The-USA flavors with simple, clean ingredients:

* Mint Blend
* Fruit Juice
* Carbonation
* Pure Cane Sugar

These fresh and bubbly non-GMO beverages are currently available in MINTA Original, MINTA Strawberry and the new MINTA Lemon. MINTA is perfect on its own as a smarter soda choice for the whole family or as a delicious mixer to add sparkle to any happy hour.

Recently we were sent 6 cans of MINTA to try out for all of you. The ONLY type of soda I typically drink is Gingerale. I am not a "dark" soda drinker at all. You can drink them all on their own or use them as a mixer in your favorite beverage or cocktail recipe.

MINTA-RITA Cocktail Recipe

2 oz. MINTA
2 oz. Lime Juice
1 oz. Triple Sec.
2 oz. Tequila

Salt the rim of your glass, add in 2 crushed ice cubes and top it off with a lime segment.

We made the MINTA-RITA but used the MINTA Lemon Soda to make it instead of regular and used a little lemon juice instead of the lime juice. I have to admit...it was delicious!

Hubby, myself and my mother had a great time taste-testing all three of the MINTA flavors that we were sent. My personal favorite was the MINTA Strawberry which is great all on it's own poured over a glass of ice. My mom though preferred the MINTA Lemon and hubby was all about the regular. Funny how we each had a different favorite!

You can learn more about MINTA by visiting their online web site. If you are looking for a soda that is different and flavored naturally, this one is worth giving a try. We loved it!

Disclosure: Shelly Hill received a complimentary item(s) for review. No monetary compensation was received. Shelly's thoughts, opinions and ideas are 100% her own words and have not been influenced by the sponsor.

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jopb said...

I have never heard of or tried this Brand Minta. It sounds like an interesting soda, but I would like to know what is the sugar amount in each can.