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Monday, March 23, 2015

SCHMACON Smoked & Cured Glazed Beef Slices #WhatruSchmacon

How many of you love bacon? I know here in our home...we do! While we love bacon, we dislike all of the fat and sodium content that comes with traditional bacon made from pork. We have tried turkey bacon in the past but didn't care for that.

Well guess what? There is a new alternative and it's a bacon made from beef called SCHMACON! This new product has less calories, fat & sodium when compared to your traditional pork bacon. It has a bold flavor from unique, deli-inspired spices and has a wonderful taste and texture. Not only that, it has minimal shrinkage when you cook it up!

SCHMACON was the recipient of the 2014 Food & Beverage Innovations Award that was presented by the National Restaurant Association. The quality starts with carefully-trimmed, whole muscle beef with no fillers added. It has a smoky but yet sweet taste to it and while it's similar to traditional bacon, it does have a unique flavorful taste.

The SCHMACON can be crisped up on the stove-top, in the oven, on a grill or even in your microwave. It can be eaten alone or use it as an ingredient in one of your favorite recipes. Very easy to use...just crisp and serve! An added bonus is that it "cooks" (crisps) in less time than a traditional pork-made bacon which means you get it onto the table, faster.

Watching your weight? Pork bacon that has been pan-fried contains about 84 calories per 18g serving. Schmacon (uncrisped) contains 45 calories so it's great for anyone who is counting calories and trying to lose weight. Watching your sodium?  Pork bacon that was pan-fried contains 303mg of sodium whereas Schmacon has only 180mgs. A definite win-win!

We were sent 2 complimentary packages of SCHMACON to try out for all of you. Since I am not a greedy type of girl, I gave the smaller package to my daughter to "crisp" up for her family. They made their according to package directions in the oven and served it right along their eggs for breakfast. My daughter did not tell her hubby that she switched out his traditional pork bacon for the SCHMACON beforehand. During breakfast he did notice that it was different & asked her about it. Surprisingly, her picky man absolutely loved the SCHMACON!

For my family...we crisped it up in the microwave (only took a minute or two) and made ourselves some BLT's for lunch the other day. We toasted up our bread, added some mayo, tomato slices, SCHMACON and lettuce. Oh my gosh...they were delicious! You could tell that it wasn't traditional pork bacon but it was in a good way! Those sandwiches were better than ever thanks to the smokey, sweet & bold flavor of the SCHMACON!

You can buy SCHMACON now and it will be hitting store shelves throughout the year. In the meantime, they have a Kickstarter campaign that started on March 9th, 2015 and now you can get the product shipped to your door. By choosing to be a backer in this campaign, you can choose a reward of not only packs of the SCHMACON, but logo coffee mugs, t-shirts and gourmet dinners! They also have some fabulous early-bird specials running right now too!

You can visit the SCHMACON website to learn more and check them out on Facebook, Twitter and on Pinterest for some cool recipe ideas.

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jopb said...

This sounds like a wonderful product. I am surprised that This is the first time I have heard of it. Thanks for the post.