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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dining Well on a Budget in New York City

The high price of hotels in New York City can be startling at first glance. However, travelers who have a smaller budget should take heart in knowing that there are great cost savings to be had when it comes to eating in the city. The following restaurants offer good food at prices that will put cost-conscious travelers at ease.

Casablanca Grill

For the wallet-friendly price of $3.99, the Upper East Side's Casablanca Grill offers pita sandwiches that come stuffed with falafel, carrots, cucumbers, and radishes. Meat lovers may also take advantages of low prices on chicken, schwarma, kefta, and mixed meats.

Burger 1 NY

Also located on the Upper East Side, patrons at Burger 1 NY can order the standard hamburger with fries, or they can add a bit of international fusion to their meal. An order of two tacos with fries typically runs less than $7. Tacos are made with fresh ingredients, including onion, cilantro, and fresh salsa.

Northside Bakery

While visiting Brooklyn, budget-minded travelers can stop at Northside Bakery, where they can enjoy ethnic European comfort food such as baked goods like babkas, paczki, loaves of bread, and cakes. The restaurant serves hearty meals centered around pot roast, stews, roasted chicken, and pork cutlets. Customers may expect a plate of meat and side vegetables to cost anywhere from $6 to $10.

Johnny's Luncheonette

For those who crave a hearty sandwich, Johnny's Luncheonette in the Flatiron District serves up hero sandwiches with various combinations of chicken, mushrooms, cheese, onions, cole slaw, and even turkey burger patties. Sandwiches are priced at around $7.

Pepe Rosso To Go

Visitors who are on a budget and have a taste for Italian food can get cheap, good eats at Pepe Rosso To Go in Manhattan's Greenwich Village. This particular location of the restaurant chain serves pasta dishes accompanied by bread, olive oil, and Romano cheese at approximately $8.

People who visit New York City on a tighter budget can still eat their way across the city without the concern of surpassing the limits of their wallets. Thanks to the city's cultural diversity, travelers may affordably sample meals from each corner of the globe in one vibrant, bustling place.

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jopb said...

It is always good to know about cheaper places to eat when in NYC. You can also often get a better price if you go at lunchtime.