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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Delicious Coffee from Community Coffee Company

Nothing says back-to-school like a good cup of coffee… Currently the largest family-owned and operated coffee company in the U.S., Community Coffee Company offers high-quality blends featuring 100% select Arabica coffee beans in a variety of yummy flavors. Available in premium ground & whole bean, as well as single-serve k-cups.

My husband, myself and my mother are all big coffee drinkers. We drink it hot or iced...all year long. If I had to be truthful with all of you...I can't start my day until I've had a good cup of coffee in the morning. I tend to start drinking hot coffee at around 6 AM but during the hot summer months...I will switch over to a good iced coffee in the afternoon.

When it comes to coffee...I am really picky about the type and brands that I drink. I love a good smooth taste with no bitter after-taste. I like plain coffee but also enjoy flavored coffees especially during the later afternoon hours or right after dinner.

Recently I was sent 2 boxes of K-Cups from Community Coffee Company to try out for all of you. One box is their Breakfast Blend and the other box is Golden Caramel. Each of these boxes contains your standard 12 K-Cup amount.

A few days ago we decided to make the Breakfast Blend with is a medium roast coffee to go along with our breakfast. As the coffee is brewing through the Keurig machine you can smell it and it smells super fresh! My entire kitchen smelled wonderful. The reason I bring this "smell" up is because sometimes stale coffee can stink as it brews...not only does stale coffee taste funny...but it smells funny too. This coffee smelled heavenly!

The Breakfast Blend has a really nice flavor to it. It's definitely a "medium roast" coffee that is full of flavor. It's very smooth with no bitterness to it at all. The perfect amount is packed into that little K-Cup to give you the perfect cup of coffee. You can enjoy it black or sweeten with up with your favorite coffee additions.

I wasn't sure if I would like the Golden Caramel and let me tell you...I LOVE IT! This one is good hot or iced which is the way that I prefer it. I brew it up and then pour it into a cup full of ice cubes and WOW...it makes a delicious flavor iced coffee. I find it to be a little sweet (perfectly so) and didn't need to add any sugar or cream. My husband loved the Golden Caramel too! My mother likes it but she prefers it hot instead of iced.

I am really impressed with BOTH of these coffees from the Community Coffee Company. They are delicious and taste fresh! You can learn more about this coffee company and all of their wonderful products by visiting their site online.

Disclaimer: Shelly received complimentary products to try out and review here on her foodie blog. No monetary compensation was received. Shelly's opinion about these products is 100% her own unbiased thoughts and words. Your opinion may differ.

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