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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Frustrated with Trying to Lose Weight? This App Can Help!

This post brought to you by Lose weight without dieting app. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Shakin and Bakin in the Kitchen with Shelly.

Last year I went on a diet and exercise plan for 6 months to help me drop 15 lbs. During that 6 months I was frustrated trying to keep track of what I ate, how many calories were in it and the exercise program that I was on. Many had recommended that I keep a journal but who the heck wants to drag around a journal with them every where they go? Not me! I just don't have time for that!

Trying to lose weight is a very frustrating and hard process. Let's be honest here, it's NOT easy! You have to keep track of everything that you put into your body and how much exercise you are getting. On top of that...we all lead very busy lives and don't have time for complicated weight loss programs!

Diet Weight Loss App

Let me introduce you to the Lose weight without dieting app that is for Android devices. This App is really easy to use! You use it to log all of your food and beverage intake and it will let you know if your choices were healthy or not. It will keep track of all of the calories you are consuming. There is nothing to write down and drag around with you as it's all contained in this simple to use App.

The App has a feature that if you are out and about and pressed for time that you can take a photo of what you are eating and log it in later on. How cool is that? Totally cool. Plus, there are daily reminders to remind you to drink water! We all know that drinking a lot of water is essential for healthy weight loss!

Oh wait...it gets even better! This App will also log your fitness routines too! If you go out walking, working out at the gym, riding your bike or simply doing exercises at home...the App will keep track of all of your exercises and let you know how many calories you are burning. You can then compare that with the calories that you've been consuming to know if you are on the right path.

Diet Weight Loss App

As an added bonus to help you along the way it will also log your current weight, bust, waist and hip measurements. You will do regular weigh-ins with the App so that you can track your progress as you go along. It's now to be able to see the results of your hard work!

You can preschedule your future meals and exercises and follow the predefined weight loss plans. This weight loss app has everything that you would need and it's super simple to use.

The App gives you bonuses called "Pearls" for accomplishing goals along the way. You can redeem this "Pearls" to get discounts on the ad-free version of the App and if you earn enough "Pearls" you can completely remove all of the ads & banners from the App. Yay!

You can get the Lose weight without dieting app from the App Store or get Lose weight without dieting app from Google Play.

Now you have no excuses on losing that weight! Pick up this weight loss App today and get started on your weight loss journey. Good Luck!

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1 comment:

jopb said...

I love the idea of earning pearls to get rid of,the ads on the app. This app sounds perfect for all busy people(which is most of us) who don't have the time to,write things down.