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Friday, September 4, 2015

The One and ONLY Paring Knife You'll Ever Need!

Having a set of high quality knives in your home is a MUST-HAVE in my book. While you can get away with not having other kitchen items...a good set of knives are a must! When I shop for knives I want ones that will last me years...not months. I want them to be well-balanced, sharp and easy-to-hold in my hands. Well guess what? I found the perfect paring knife and in my honest opinion, it's the only pairing knife you'll ever need!

Recently Chef Michael Symon (host of ABC’s The Chew, Iron Chef on Food Network’s Iron Chef America) in collaboration with Ergo Chef released a new set of knives. In this collection you'll find his 9" Chef Knife, 7" Vegetable Cleaver, 6" Chef Knife, 6" Serrated Utility Knife, 3.5" Paring Knife and a 4 piece Steak Knife Set. For this review...I received his paring knife.

Symon was searching for an exceptional culinary company to make a line of knives, and after avid testing of their product, found that ErgoChef offered unmatched quality and craftsmanship and precision. Made of the highest caliber steel from Germany and finished with one of the world’s strongest, most durable handle materials G10, Ergo Chef’s Michael Symon knives are designed to fit any hand like a glove. The grip allows for a perfect cut every time with precision-ground, polished blades and an 18-degree razor-sharp edge.

The knives come in a variety of sizes and styles, including a 9” Chef Knife, 6” Chef Knife, 6" Serrated Utility Knife, 7" Vegetable Cleaver, 3.5” paring knife and a four-piece steak knife set, ranging from $43.99 to $144.99.

The 3.5" Paring Knife comes beautifully boxed so if you are ordering one for a gift...it's ready for gift-giving. It's made out of high carbon German stainless steel for durability and one of the world's strongest handle materials G10 fiberglass resin. This is NO flimsy paring knife...nope, not at all. It has a really nice weight to it and is designed perfectly to fit into your hand comfortably.

It's designed to peel and slice your fruits and vegetables with ease. In addition, you can use this fabulous knife to create your garnishes too! The blade is precision tapered with 18 degree sharp edge which makes slicing and peeling super easy to do! I admit, I also use this paring knife when I need to shop up a small amount of veggies for whatever I'm making...it's super sharp and gets the job done quickly.

To really put it through the test I had some overly-ripe nectarines that needed to be peeled. Usually when you try to peel off the skins on overly-ripe fruits it becomes quiet the squishy mesh. Well, not with this knife! My husband used the paring knife to remove the skins from the nectarines and did so with ease! He got those skins off and there was very little flesh attached to the skins.

This paring knife has quickly become our favorite knife in the house! It glides through your fruit and veggies with ease and your hand never gets tired of holding it. Out of all of the paring knives I've owned over the past 30 years...this one is my absolute favorite!

You can learn more about the line of knives by Chef Michael Symon at ErgoChef.com. I highly recommend them to all of you!

Disclaimer: Shelly H. received a complimentary knife to evaluate and review here on the Shakin N Bakin Foodie Blog. No monetary compensation was received. Regardless, her thoughts and opinions on this product are 100% her own.


jopb said...

This sounds like a wonderful paring knife, especially since your husband could so easily peel an overripe nectarine.

Unknown said...

The paring knife seems to be the most essential kitchen knife which is perfect to be placed on the kitchen desk of your modular kitchen.