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Monday, October 12, 2015

Barbara's Gluten-Free Puffins Pumpkin Cereal

When it comes to beloved fall flavored foods, those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity tend to get the short end of the stick. In an effort to provide a product that is both gluten-free and packed with delicious autumnal taste, Barbara’s launched their all-new, seasonal Pumpkin Puffins.

Made with real pumpkin and spiced with all of the classic pumpkin pie flavors, this low-sugar and non-GMO treat is nothing short of irresistible. In addition to being celiac-friendly, Pumpkin Puffins are extremely versatile and can be incorporated into an endless amount of gluten-free recipes.

I received a complimentary box of the new limited-edition Pumpkin flavored Puffins Cereal from Barbara's to try out for all of you. The cereal is gluten-free and is flavored with real pumpkin. The serving size is 1 cup of dry cereal which is only 110 calories. If you enjoy it with a 1/2 cup of skim milk it's 150 calories. This is fabulous for those who are counting calories and watching their weight. Each serving contains 8g whole grains, 3g fiber and has only 5g sugar.

Hubby and I enjoy cereals for breakfast a few times a week. What I really loved about this cereal is that even after 10 minutes of it sitting in a bowl of milk...it didn't become a soggy mess. It has a really nice flavor to it with the pumpkin which is only slight...nothing over-bearing at all. Very nice texture too!

Our little grand daughter was over and she likes snacking on dry cereal so I always place some dry cereal in a sandwich baggie for her. She really liked this cereal too! The Pumpkin flavor is a limited-edition flavor and I would personally love to see it become part of Barbara's regular line. Yes, people, it's that good!

You can learn more about Barbara's gluten-free products by visiting their site online.

Disclosure: Shelly H. received complimentary samples of the product features in this review. No monetary compensation was received. Her thoughts, opinions and words are 100% her own and were not influenced in any way.

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jopb said...

I am glad that Barbara has introduced this new cereal to its product line. I like that it is low sugar, does not become soggy and is not too spicy. I hope to try it soon.