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Friday, January 22, 2016

Homemade Raspberry Hot Tea Recipe

During the cold winter months I like to drink a wide variety of coffee, tea or hot cocoa beverages to help take off the chill. These type of beverages warm me up and satisfy hot beverage cravings. When I drink hot teas...I've got to have my tea flavored with raspberry, peach or blueberry.

Today's recipe is courtesy of the great folks over at KRUPS. Visit the company's site to learn more about them and to get additional easy-to-prepare recipes.

Homemade Raspberry Tea Recipe

1. Fill the KRUPS Personal Tea Kettle with water to maximum fill line
2. Drop 2 teaspoons of raspberry tea leaves into the small filter
3. Place the filter onto the carafe and lock into place
4. Brew for approximately 3-5 minutes
5. Remember that the longer the brew, the stronger the tea
6. Set the kettle aside and begin to prep your glasses
7. Next layer in 1 sprig of mint leaves along with a handful of red raspberries
8. When the tea is ready, pour over the raspberries, garnish and enjoy
9. Another option is to use the remaining raspberries to garnish the top of the glass
10. Splash with a little cranberry juicer and drizzle with raw Agave nectar to taste

I enjoy flavored hot teas sometimes at breakfast with a hot bagel or in the evening after dinner when I want to sit and relax. If you like iced teas, you can still brew this tea and then just pour it over a tall glass of ice! Enjoy!

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jopb said...

I drink tea all,day and I especially enjoy infusing my tea with different flavors. theBerry flavor is one of my favorites, so both versions of the recipe given here are perfect for me.