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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Basic Mimosa Cocktail Recipe + Fruity Variations

One of my favorite types of cocktails to enjoy is a Mimosa. One of the reasons I like them is that you can really take the basic Mimosa recipe and make it your own. You can add whatever fruit juices that you love to the orange juice and come up with the perfect drink for your own taste buds!

Basic Mimosa Cocktail Recipe

1 Bottle of Champagne or White Wine
1 Jug Orange Juice

Fill the glass halfway with champagne or white wine. We personally like to use Asti Spumante but you can use whatever you prefer. Add the orange juice until your glass is almost full.  You can serve them as-is but we like to garnish our rims with large fresh strawberries.

Strawberry Orange Mimosa Variation: I like to run about 1 cup of sliced fresh strawberries through my blender until it's like a thick juice consistency. You can then add that strawberry juice to 2 cups of orange juice and blend together in a large pitcher.  Fill your wine glass or champagne flute halfway with the white wine or champagne and top it off with the strawberry/orange juice. Rim the glass with a fresh strawberry and serve immediately.

Peach Mimosa Variation: Mix 1 cup of peach nectar with 2 cups of orange juice in a medium sized pitcher until blended. Fill up your wine glass or champagne flute halfway with wine or champagne. Top off the glass with the peach/orange juice. Rim the glass with a piece of fresh fruit or cocktail salt.

You can use whatever fruits are in-season or your favorites. We are always mixing fruits together and at times coming up with some really unique creations. Play around and see what you can come up with and what you enjoy!

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jopb said...

I love the idea of adding the fresh fruits blended or with pieces to the Mimosa drinks
and I would also try raspberry, mango and blueberry variations.