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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

5 Helpful Hints That Can Help You Choose a Vacuum Sealer for Your Kitchen

Vacuum sealers offer an easy way to preserve your favorite foods by creating air-tight seals that can last for up to 6 months. Using this preservation method is worthwhile because it can help you save money by purchasing foods in bulk quantities.

Many people wonder how they can choose a kitchen vacuum sealer that can help them take advantage of these benefits. This is not surprising because kitchen vacuum sealers feature several designs and accessories that offer many food storage options.

It turns out that choosing a food vacuum sealer for your kitchen is easy if you remember to use the following hints while shopping:

Choose a Model
Some of the most popular kitchen vacuum sealer models include models that fit conveniently on top of your kitchen countertop and hand-held models that are useful while on the go. Other popular models include battery-powered models that offer an easy way to store food in an emergency. Choosing one of these models is easy because many stores and websites have models that you can preview in advance.

Compare Your Design Options
Most kitchen vacuum feature one of the following designs that use different methods for creating airtight seals:

Chamber Designs
Chamber-based vacuum sealers draw air and moisture quickly out of food containers by using a powerful vacuum chamber that resides inside the unit. These designs are usually used by serious amateur cooks who want to store cheeses, fish, meats and other perishable foods often.

Clamp Designs
Clamp-based vacuum sealers use clamps to seal food containers before a seal is made. These sealers use specially designed bags that feature a rough exterior texture. They are often used by casual users who want to occasionally store bulk quantities of pasta, fresh soups, flour or spices.

Retractable Nozzle Designs
Retractable nozzle vacuum sealers create vacuum seals by removing air directly from containers using a nozzle that retracts. They are usually used by people who want to regularly seal and store food they find on sale at the store.

Choose an Orientation
Kitchen vacuum sealers are available in the following orientations:

* An Upright orientation that lets you stand the vacuum sealer upright while you are working. This orientation is especially useful for sealing liquids and other potentially messy foods.
* A vertical orientation that can be used to seal canisters and canning jars.
* A Horizontal orientation that lets you use bags that have different shapes or sizes. This orientation is useful for sealing most meats, fish, cheeses and spices.

Compare Sealing Options
Most kitchen-grade vacuum sealers use either a sealing gauge or a timer to create airtight seals. The length of time it takes to create a seal with these sealing options varies considerably. Thankfully, this is easy to compare because most manufacturers of kitchen vacuum sealers describe how long it takes to create an airtight seal with their products on their websites and in their product manuals.

Compare Extra Features
There are many extra features available that can help you make the most of using a kitchen vacuum sealer. Some of the most popular extra features include:

* An attachment that can help you seal canning jars and canisters.
* Multispeed motors and sealers that can help you save time.
* Optional bag cutters that can help you avoid waste while creating sealing bags.
* Interiors that are safe to wash in your dishwasher.
* Optional sealing attachments that can help you preserve non-food items such as documents, books and clothes.

Compare Warranty Options
Most high-quality kitchen vacuum sealers are backed by warranties that are good for up to 2 years. Many of these warranties cover the cost of replacing or maintaining the sealers’ motors and sealing units. Others cover the cost of replacing your unit if you accidently drop or break it. Comparing these warranties is a good idea because it can help you choose a warranty that suits your needs.

As you may have noticed, choosing a kitchen vacuum sealer is easy if you remember to choose a model that offers the best way to store foods and a warranty that offers the best value. Feel free to use the hints outlined above to search for kitchen vacuum sealers that offer these benefits.

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jopb said...

I had not realized that there was such a diversity of vacuum sealers available. I like that idea of a vacuum nozzle to suck out the air and I shall have to study the other options to see which others would be convenient for me to use.