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Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Top 3 Sushi Trends in Toronto in 2017

The Top 3 Sushi Trends in Toronto in 2017
Anyone who loves seafood will know that 2017 has been an exciting year for new styles of sushi. Visionary sushi chefs from all over the world have continued to experiment, and innovate, and thus there have been a number of exciting new sushi trends in Toronto this year. From sushi that looks like other foods to new flavor combinations, here are three of our favorites.

1. The Sushi Burrito

The Sushi Burrito is a fusion of traditional Japanese ingredients with a Mexican twist. Essentially, Sushi Burritos are similar to Sushi rolls, but much larger than the traditional Japanese hand rolled sushi. The benefit of this larger roll style is that it is possible to include a lot more fillings, allowing each sushi burrito to be customized to your particular tastes. The sushi burrito is, at it heart, more of a change of presentation than a new flavor combination. In order to help the structural integrity of the Sushi Burritos outer rice layer, they are usually wrapped in paper or foil, just like a traditional burrito. This also adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the Sushi Burrito. If you like sushi and like burritos, then this one may be a no-brainer!

2. The Sushi Burger

Continuing the fun theme of sushi fusion and novelty sushi, comes one of my favorite sushi trends of recent years; the Sushi Burger. In essence, the Sushi Burger also contains traditional Japanese ingredients that have been modeled to look like a traditional hamburger. Different ingredients are used to create different elements of the burger. For example, the bun is typically made from rice. The burger patty is usually made from tuna, or mixed vegetables and made to look like as much of a burger as possible.

One issue faced by the both of the above sushi trends, is that rice doesn’t work in the same way as bread, meaning that you can not eat the sushi burger like a normal burger. So don’t forget to grab a knife and fork!

3. New Style Sushi Rolls

Fancy an old classic with a new flavor twist? In 2017 everyone’s favorite, the sushi roll, has been getting a remix, with new flavors, new ingredients and new textures. One of our favorites is the Rainbow Roll, a classic California roll wrapped with tuna, salmon and yellowtail. Feeling more adventurous? Why not try a New York Roll made with cream cheese, tempura crunch, bean curd and topped with avocado. Or fancy a little kick? Why not try the Happy Hour Roll with spicy salmon, tempura crunch and topped with cheese and chef’s special cream. You can find all of these rolls and more at Urawa Sushi in Toronto!

If reading this has got you hungry, you can check out Urawa Sushi. They stock all of the Sushi rolls set out above and the even delivery, so you can enjoy some of this year’s hottest sushi trends from the comfort of your very own home. Enjoy!

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