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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Is it time to Get Out of the Kitchen?

Is it time to Get Out of the Kitchen?
As much as you love cooking and creating exciting new foods for your friends and family, you may one day find yourself wondering what you might be missing outside of these four walls. This often happens to the moms out there that have selflessly devoted so much of their time and energy to their children. Once they have grown, moms are left with time to fill. Use these ideas to get yourself out of the kitchen.

Join a Group

The best way to get out of the house and make new friends is to join a group. Begin by thinking about what you most enjoy doing. If you love to cook, take a class on how to prepare something you’ve never tried before. You can also join a gym or rec center that offers group instruction on work out routines. Even a book club is a great way to get started.

Help Out

Every community has charitable organizations in need of help. Local kitchens are always looking for individuals that can prepare and serve meals throughout the year. Animal shelters often need people to care for pets, and schools and churches would love some help with their charity fundraising ideas. Look online for options such as selling salsa from Jose Madrid to raise money. Even volunteering at your local nursing facility can be a rewarding experience.

Become Reacquainted

Most parents lose touch with even their closest friends during those years when they are raising their children. Why not become reacquainted? Invite those that you have not seen for quite some time over for a lunch or dinner. Chances are, you will still hit it off like you never separated. Before the evening is over, make plans to get together again. Before you know it, you’ll be palling around on a day to day basis just like in the good old days.

Start slow by trying just one of these ideas to get you back out of the kitchen. Once you are comfortable with the first plan of action, try something else. Before you know it, things will snowball, and you will once again have a schedule that is so busy you will no longer feel left out of the game.

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jopb said...

It is true that sometimes raising a family takes up so much time that one loses touch with old friends and drops other activities. These are all good tips on how to start doing other things again.