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Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Perfect Wedding Anniversary Menu

Whether it is a 50th anniversary party for a parent or a 25th celebration for your good friends, the food will make or break the party. Anniversary parties include some unique challenges when it comes to planning the menu. It is one of the few celebrations that will include people of all ages. It also has to have some level of elegance, even if it is a casual affair.


Many people skip the appetizers at smaller gatherings, but this is actually a very important part of the menu. Some guests may show up hungry. Making them wait for the main course will only make them feel uncomfortable. Appetizers are also great when kids are invited. Keep it simple with a vegie tray and cheese and crackers platter. This should adequately cover most diets.

Main Course

When it comes to an anniversary party, there are many places you can get inspiration from. You can recreate the food served at the couple’s wedding, make their favorite dish, or choose a food that fits the theme of the party. No matter what you main dish is, always have kid friendly options such as mac-n-cheese and chicken tenders.


No longer is the traditional cake your only option at an anniversary party. You can have a dessert bar with three or four offerings, a sundae bar complete with a variety of toppings and sprinkles, or simply create a candy bar full of sweet options. If tradition is important to the guest of honor, by all means provide a beautiful cake worthy of the celebration. The custom cakes Chicago IL bakeries like Jarosch Bakery offer are ideal for anniversaries.

By covering the appetizers, the main meal, and desserts, you are sure to have a well-rounded menu for the next anniversary party you host. Use the above mentioned ideas or let this be an inspiration for your own creativity. Either way you can’t go wrong if you keep the couple of honor in mind.

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jopb said...

I like having a well rounded meal for any bigger party. For a romantic menu I would do some things in advance in order to be able to enjoy the meal with my husband.