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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

How to Get Started with a New Food Blog

How to Get Started with a New Food Blog
Starting a food blog is a lot of fun. However, it is a lot of work. Many people see the final product of a neatly curated blog and don't think about the process behind it all. If you'd like to start a blog, understand that you'll need to be dedicated and passionate about your subject. If you're willing to stick with the process for a long time, consider these tips to get started.

1. Create a content calendar.
Sit down and think about all of the delicious recipes you'd like to create. Keep in mind that you should put your own spin on the recipe. Don't solely rely on pulling recipes from the internet to create content. If you see a lemon ricotta pancake recipe you'd like to try, switch it up with an original mango fruit compote. Many food bloggers have probably made lemon ricotta pancakes, but you're choosing to stand out by adding a completely different topping. As you create the content calendar, think about elements such as seasonal produce and commonly searched foods on Google.

2. Schedule posts early.
Never wait until the day before to create a post. If anything, it might cause a sense of anxiety and stress. It's always better to stay ahead of schedule. You can't anticipate some of the things that can go wrong. If your recipe flops or you have an emergency situation with a family member, you'll end up getting behind schedule. As a blogger, it's always best to be consistent and timely so that you can continue to build momentum.

3. Look for ways to improve.
Head over to cookbooks, food blogs and food apps to see how food gets styled. Food styling is such an important element because people eat with their eyes first. If photography isn't your strength, consider using the services of an amazing food photographer nyc to transform your look. It'll make a major difference.

4. Share content on a few platforms.
If you're working by yourself, consider focusing on one or two platforms to make a big difference in the amount of followers and fans you gain. If you try to focus on too many platforms, you'll spread yourself way too thin. Besides, you won't be as effective. Consider using Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are excellent platforms to consider as they thrive off of visual blog content.

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jopb said...

These are good tips for anyone who wants to start a food blog. It is important to stand out from other bloggers.