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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Attracting Customers To Your Cafe Treats

Attracting Customers To Your Cafe Treats
As a cafe owner or worker, you need to focus on providing exceptional customer service while creating displays that are attractive to customers so that they want to buy the products that you sell.

An option for a cafe Acworth GA display is to try to design cookies, cakes, pastries, and other items so that new items are shown each week before others. You should also try to listen to what customers want so that you showcase these items instead of the ones that don't sell as well. Glass jars and plates with glass covers offer an elegant appearance and allow customers to see the details of each item that you sell in the cafe while keeping each food item safe from the environment of the store. If you sell smaller items, such as bite-size cookies and cakes or small packages of treats, then consider packaging them in attractive papers with colorful details that are appealing to the eye. Display these items on a separate table or counter with a sign that clearly indicates what's inside each package and the prices of each item.

Fresh items are usually good options for a cafe. However, you need to know how to display them. If you bake cookies or other pastries first thing each morning, then you need to showcase these on special plates or in special cases so that customers know that they are fresh. If you serve breads or sandwiches, then these should be sold at a time during the day when customers have time to enjoy a light meal or want to take something back to the office or home with them to enjoy. Clearly label the types of sandwiches that you sell along with the kinds of bread and other pastries that you sell with creative signs and writing.

If customers don't see your products, especially special flavors that you offer for holidays, then they likely won't want to come back.

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jopb said...

I can see how the placement and packaging of each treat would make a great difference. I know that I like to see my sandwich or pastry attractively displayed.