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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Top 5 Foods for February Heart Health Awareness

Heart disease runs extremely high in my family and is something that I've been very aware of for most of my adult life. Over the years I've paid close attention to the foods that I eat, the things I put onto my body and I make sure that I go in to see my doctor on a regular basis for check-ups.

Kelly Morrow – Nutrition Clinic Coordinator at Bastyr University – shares top five healthy food that provide fibers, essential fats, minerals and bioactive compounds that reduce cholesterol and keep the blood flowing smoothly. Thank you Kelly Morrow for sharing this information with all of us.

Top 5 Foods for February Heart Health Awareness

· Cold water fish – contains omega 3’s which help keep the blood from getting too sticky. Aim for two 3 ounce servings per week of fish such as salmon, mackerel, cod, pollock and sardines.

· Garlic – is a powerful anti-inflammatory and keeps the blood from getting too sticky, which is a risk factor for heart disease. Enjoy garlic in sauces, dressings and as a staple in your everyday cooking! One clove a day as a therapeutic dose.

· Avocados – contain heart healthy monounsaturated fats that keep the blood from getting sticky and are also high in potassium, an essential nutrient to keep blood pressure healthy. Avocados can be enjoyed on toast and sandwiches (use whole wheat bread of course), pair expertly with most Mexican dishes and can be eaten on their own right out of the peel with a spoon – just add a squeeze of lime.

· Oats – contain a compound called beta glucan which binds with cholesterol in the intestines and prevents it from getting absorbed. Oats make a hearty and filling breakfast or snack and oat flour can replace some of the wheat flour in most recipes.

· Blueberries – have compounds called polyphenols that act as antioxidants in the cardiovascular and protect the heart and blood vessels. They can be eaten fresh or frozen, in smoothies, yogurt or by the handful.


jopb said...

I find this information very helpful. I try to eat as many of the foods as possible for heart health.

jopb said...

I did not see my former comment. I appreciate seeing all the foods that are good for heart health.