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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Celebrating our 30th Wedding Anniversary in Australia

My husband will be leaving for our vacation to Australia in late January of next year. We will be spending two glorious weeks in the country to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. While vacationing we are hoping to experience a lot of the fine dinning and casual dining options that are available.

We decided that rent a small cottage for the two weeks that we will be visiting and have already decided to get beer delivery from Jim's Cellars since we don't know our way around. Hubby is a beer drinker and it will just be easier to have it delivered than have to run out and get it. I am also thinking about reserving a tour guide for our trip and getting a car rental so that we can get around easily.

Our cottage is lovely and last year friends of ours had rented it themselves and then recommended it to us. It has two small bedrooms, a kitchen & breakfast nook, small living room and 2 full bathrooms with a hot tub! The only thing missing is a big swimming pool!

Right now I am trying to scour the web to find out what types of restaurants are nearby and if any of them deliver gourmet meals. We are hoping to enjoy a few good dinners at the cottage and then the rest of our meals will be spent dinning out. Any suggestions for us?

Once we get back from our trip, I will be baking several blog posts on the places we dined out that had great food and I will include photos of some of the things we got to enjoy while on our trip to Australia. If you have any tips for us, please post them below. Thanks!

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