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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pure Canadian Maple Syrup - Delicious and Gluten-Free

We’ve all heard the buzz about the gluten-free lifestyle—the various health benefits, the ease of gluten substitutes, etc. However, “gluten-free” can too often translate into flavor-free. Cue pure maple syrup sourced naturally from Canada. Maple syrup is the perfect wholesome ingredient to add depth and complexity to gluten-free dishes that tend to be bland.

As an all-natural, gluten-free and vegan sweetener, maple fits a variety of lifestyle and dietary needs, and can easily be substituted into your favorite recipes or use it as a delicious condiment with some of your favorite foods.

Did you know that there is a huge taste difference between real maple syrup and artificial? Yes, there is! In addition, there are different grades of maple syrup too! For me and my family, we want the PURE, Natural and High-Grade Maple Syrup on our table. Don't you? You should!

Recently we were sent a bottle of Pure Canadian Maple Syrup to review for all of you and let me tell you, it is the BEST maple syrup we have ever used!!! We love maple syrup and use it with a lot of our breakfast foods and we also use it as an ingredient in recipes too.

One morning the family enjoyed using the Pure Canadian Maple Syrup on some great Scrapple that we had fried up for breakfast to go along with our eggs. One of the things you notice about this particular maple syrup is it's beautiful color! It should always be amber in color and NOT chocolate brown! This syrup also has a nice consistency to it...not too thick and not too runny. Just perfect!!!

Regarding taste...OH MY GOSH...pure foodie heaven! It is rich and sweet but not overly so. I found that I am able to use "less" syrup than my old brand because this syrup is so much better!!! It took our Scrapple to an entirely new & better level! Nothing was left and the family devoured their breakfast.

I am a tea drinker but I am allergic to honey. My mother always drinks her tea with honey and I always add a little maple syrup to my hot tea to sweeten it up. If you have never substituted syrup for honey, you really need to try it! Since getting this syrup my mother has now become a convert and has been sweetening her daily hot tea with my Pure Canadian Maple Syrup! Just a little bit is all you need and you will never go back to honey again!

During the Fall months I make a lot of homemade Pumpkin Bread and I love adding maple syrup to my batter. It gives your pumpkin bread a really nice flavor. In late September I will be harvesting my pumpkins from the garden and you can bet...I will be using my Pure Canadian Maple Syrup in my pumpkin bread recipe. Oh...I can't wait!

Head on over to Pure Canadian Maple Syrup to learn about their product and the company. While you are there you can check out their recipe section for some delicious recipes too!

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